California Healthy Marriages Coalition

for couples

For Couples

Married?  Engaged?  Seriously dating? 

The health and wellbeing of your marriage is what you make it.  You have the power to turn your relationship from good to great, or from bad to better.  Gaining knowledge, relationship skills, and practical insights can transform just about any relationship.

California Healthy Marriages Coalition is a division of Healthy Relationships California and is committed to helping Californians find:

• Marriage Education (ME) and Relationship Skills Training (RST) classes, retreats and seminars in your local area;

• Effective ME/RST programs for couples and singles;

• Insightful articles to provide encouragement and practical tips to improve your relationship; 

• Relationship books and programs aimed to help relationships at any stage;

• An easy-to-use, online tool that assesses their relationship strengths and growth areas. (For married, engaged, and seriously dating couples).

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